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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Your Health is a Leadership Issue

We like to think how we maintain our bodies are our own private concern, but health is a leadership issue. Think of the outcomes of poor health habits:

- less energy, which means less gets done, and you look like you don't care.
- your brain functions slower, so you take longer to decide and tend not to think in depth or make connections as readily.
- your moods tend to swing, which makes you unpredictable to your team. That in turn causes them to have to try to read you.
- when you don't feel good, your focus centers on yourself.

Admit it, when your body is complaining, it captures your attention and tends to drown out what goes on around you. Sure, Steve Jobs led effectively when he was sick, but not as effectively as when he wasn't.

I'm not talking about weight. Heavy people can be healthy, and a lot of skinny folks aren't. I'm talking about your body's systems working well. You know what good health feels like, and you know when you don't have it.

Better health is just a few choices away: enough sleep, decent nutrition, 30 minutes of walking. You need to do it to be at your best as a leader.

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  1. Such true points. Part of leading successfully is being able to have a balanced life, which one of those areas include health.