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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

An Easier Way Than Personal Branding

If you've been reading the past few days, you know how I feel about self-branding or self-promotion. One last point on the topic: It isn't necessary. There's a much more effective way to what you're after, and it's easier too.

I got some wise counsel as a young officer: Forget about promotion, just do my job like it's the most important thing in the whole Army. I did that, and I never got the chance to think about getting promoted. That's because as soon I as I hit minimum time-in-grade, I was recruited for every promotion I ever got.

Look around you. It's the guy who shows up and works all day, every day who stands out. It's the gal who never says, "That's not my job." It's the person who thinks about the team and not about personal credit. Those people are easy to spot in the herd of self-promoters and ladder-climbers. They're trusted, they have influence. And they get recruited.

So save all the energy it takes to wave your own flag. Instead, show up and do your job. Lead your team like it's the only team you ever want. Attack the work like you're saving the world. Give more than you get every single day. Live like you already have your dream job. 

If you do that, I promise it won't be long until some executive somewhere wants you on her team. 

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