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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Living the Dream

One reason you see so few good leaders is that true leadership requires two things not often found in one person: imaginative dreaming and disciplined planning. Military commanders start with a clear picture in their heads of what the end state will look like, and from that flows focused planning of every detail needed to achieve that vision.

Without a dream, you plan to sustain. You work on the status quo. Without a plan, a dream is just . . . well, a dream. It’s the plan than turns a dream into a vision of the future. 

People who aren’t moving don’t need a leader. Leaders move people from where they are now to a better state. Step one: what does that better state look like? That’s the vision. Step two: how will I get them there? That’s the plan. One way to check if you’re doing your team justice as a leader is ask those two questions. What’s my vision? What’s my plan?

The greatest value in a dream is when you lead your team to actually get there, to live it. Unless you’re working on that, your dream is just a daydream.

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