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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

You Are What You Do

You can’t be something different than what you do. You can say you love the environment but if you don’t recycle and monitor your carbon footprint you’re still an exploiter. You can say you’re healthy but if you smoke and eat too much, you’re not.

And you can say you’re a leader, you can want to be a leader, but what are you really doing? How do you choose to spend your day?

If you don’t spend time with your team, you’re not leading. If you don’t show them a vision of a better way, you’re not leading. If you don’t coach and model, you’re not leading. Bottom line, if they aren’t becoming something different and better because you’re there, you probably just supervising or administrating.

John Maxwell says, “The choice you make, makes you.” If you want to be a leader, or you have that responsibility, then choose leadership actions. Choose people over paper. View people as the priority, not the interruption. Be out among your team, not in your office.

A lot of people who claim to be leaders aren’t, because they don’t. The only way to be one is to get out there and lead.

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  1. I agree. And to add to what you write, I think that when you get out among your team they appreciate it and you will probably get more out of a team that appreciates that you do it!